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With over 22 years migrating, designing, and developing websites, building software solutions from scratch, copywriting, digital marketing, and technical project management our expertise brings you an outstanding level of professionalism. We can quickly create simple customized solutions for your project. We have yet to meet a problem or project we couldn’t tackle.

Cindy Kendrick

Cindy is a professional web developer with a degree in design. She has a BFA in Visual Communications but prefers coding these days over designing.

She first fell in love with programming during a Survey of Computer Programming class her freshman year of high school. She began developing websites in 1996 and switched to using WordPress when it was first forked from b2. She’s tried most of the other CMSs but keeps coming back to WordPress. Before joining Brainstorm Media in 2012, she designed and developed websites for a local ISP for 7 years. During that time she also released several WordPress plugins.

Cindy spends her free time with her husband, sons, and cats as well as coding WordPress plugins, working on her own websites, reading, creating art, or doing crafty things.

You can connect with her online @cindy.

Sarah Pressler

Sarah wears many hats and without them, she quickly gets bored and her to do lists dwindle down to almost nothing. At one point, she built a website, hosted it on her own server, and managed all the updates. In 1997. Then she had a brood of children and left it all behind to blog. (Enter: WordPress.)

Professionally, her favorite thing to do is organize, streamline, delegate and follow-up on tasks. Creating Gantt charts makes her happy and nothing beats a perfectly streamlined resource schedule.

In her free time she sews with oilcloth, and runs a little Etsy store. She home schools her oldest son, she teaches a weekly ballet class for adults and she is starting an afterschool coding club for girls in the fall. She studied Public Administration at Texas State University and is finishing up her Pre-Law requisites at Baylor University. She thinks about becoming a marathoner, but instead spends any free time she has hanging out at the lake with her partner & kiddos.

You can connect with her online @sarahpressler or at sarahpressler.com.

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