About Codebrain Media


With over 22 years migrating, designing, and developing websites, building software solutions from scratch, copywriting, digital marketing, and technical project management our expertise brings you an outstanding level of professionalism. We can quickly create simple customized solutions for your project. We have yet to meet a problem or project we couldn’t tackle.

Cindy Kendrick

Like most computer programmers (we call them developers) Cindy’s passion is solving the problems most people can’t. This led her into a career engineering WordPress plugins and building websites.

Cindy is a back-end developer who also has a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Visual Communications. This combination of skills empowers her to build sites that work for clients and appeal to their customer base.

Cindy spends her free time with her husband, sons, and cats as well as reading, creating art, or playing around with other crafty things.

Say hi to her on Twitter at @cindy.

Sarah Pressler

This Texas native is spunky and sassy (is there any other kind of Texan?) She brings her communication profession to a higher level by being a bridge between clients and developers with empathy and efficiency. She loves to manage your website project in a low-stress, productive manner for you and for Codebrain Media.

Sarah has traveled and made connections within the WordPress community around the world. While working, teaching, and speaking at conferences, she also finished her Bachelor in Public Administration, graduating Summa Cum Laude through the Honors College, atTexas State University. She followed up graduation with a summer in Italy as a Gilman Scholar with just a backpack and a debit card! Outside of fine tooth combing client websites and peppering Cindy with “….but can you fix it?” questions all day long, other passion includes teaching classical Italian ballet home schooling her teens, taking in sunsets, and breathing in the moments while capturing them digitally.

Say hi to her on Twitter at @sarahpressler.

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