What We Do

Codebrain Media is a premium WordPress development agency with the skills & resources to take any project from napkin conception to live. From a $250 WordPress.com installation through a six-figure fully custom build – we’ve done it all. 

Info You Want Right Away

Let’s get straight to the point. You are here to see if we’re as badass as it seems: two women taking WordPress by the horns. We are.

But you probably want to vet that statement (at least we hope you do….)

So here’s a workflow for you to follow in order to vet us out and decide YES you HAVE to work with our brilliant talent.

  1. First, go ahead, click over to some of the clients we’ve worked with.
  2. After you discover that you love our work*, schedule a free 30 minute call with Sarah.
  3. If we’re a good fit for your project, we’ll take our relationship next level.
  4. If we aren’t a good fit for your project, we will happily refer you to a professional colleague who will be the perfect resource to get your idea live on the web.

*Obviously if after step 1, step 2 listed above does not ring true for you, that’s totally cool. We’re not right for everyone but that’s what sets us apart from the crowd. Follow us on Twitter anyway. You won’t regret it!

Features and Benefits

According to our brilliant friend, Todd, I’m supposed to breakdown features and benefits for you. We don’t have time for that. We are busy working on two major projects for enterprise level clients and basically my thought is this:

  • IF you follow step 1 above, and continue through step 3, THEN the features and benefits we bring to the table are obvious to you and we just need to chat.
  • IF you look at our past work and find yourself not really impressed by it, THEN a 3-4 column table explaining all the features and benefits of working with us is really irrelevant. Don’t you think?

We don’t want to waste your time. That’s actually a big thing for our whole team at Codebrain Media. So I’m going to defer to the IF/THEN statements above.

Look, we know you’re spending premium bucks to work with us so we give you premium solutions in a stress-free and highly efficient manner.

Premium Rates

And…about those premium bucks. Good news!  We have flexible options for clients in need of immediate assistance or those navigating financial difficulty. We are worth our premium rate; however, we work for ourselves and can flex however we want. We are here to help you resolve any issues you are having. No project or budget is too small. It’s all about the fit.

A white mug sitting on a countertop with a donut next to the mug. The mug says 'Do it right the first time so we don't have to do ten times over, ok? - Codebrain MediaCompany Motto

“Do it right the first time so we don’t have to fix it 10 times over later, ok?” is a company motto. We’re actually thinking of ordering coffee mugs for everyone with that motto printed on them.

But we’re just not sure. This is a lot to think about when you grab your first cup of coffee every morning.



Social Proof

Oh man – there’s so many links to all the WordCamp talks, client testimonials, high profile clients, podcasts, interviews, etc. I’ll get back to you on this!  We are part of the Women who WordPress professional association, are actively engaged in our community, and work hard to help others with the skills we’ve acquired and knowledge we’ve learned.

To find out more about us read our bios on the About Us page, or try this link for Sarah and this link for Cindy!

WordPress Trivia: We are only one of a handful of women owned WordPress agencies in the world!

Lead Magnet

Hmmm….we aren’t marketers. But we hear everyone likes cat memes. So, here’s what we can offer. Also, I wonder if Todd, our content marketing guru, will appreciate the humor in this meme.




Contact Information

Just hop over to our Contact Form and let’s get in touch. Submit the information about the problem you’re having or the project you want to tackle. We’ll review your information and shoot you information on how to book a call with us. We’re looking forward to talking with you soon!


In our opinion, your concern is that you need competent, trustworthy, reliable, experts in the WordPress space to help you with a problem.

Well, guess what?

You found us!



P.S. This homepage contains all the necessary elements for a great homepage. If you’ve been thinking about redoing your homepage you can follow this template. You may elect to add some design elements, or even hire our favorite designer to provide you with a visually stunning home page. We might get around to that at some point, but you know the saying: “A web developer’s own website is always a work in progress.”  Hmm. Maybe that should go on a coffee mug, too.